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Five Things To Avoid When Offering Business Coaching Services

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One of the most lucrative ways that you can start earning a living on the web is to offer business coaching services.

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If you have several businesses that are making good money, and you would like to share strategies that you have learned for a significant amount of money that people will pay, there are some forms of advice, as well as business models, that you will want to avoid teaching.


Here are five business models that you should never present when offering business coaching services.

Unlimited Access

One mistake that many newbies make is they will tell people that they have unlimited access to their help.

This is going to make it very difficult for you to have a life if you are not able to do anything but answer questions.

Instead, you should create an FAQ page that you can refer people to, and offer one session a week in a group setting where people can ask questions afterwards.

Not Being Unique

be-uniqueIf you do offer a coaching service, you should never present rehashed information that they can get on the web.

This should be totally unique, strategies that you actually used in order to find success. If you don’t do this, you could find yourself losing people right away.

Last Year’s Strategies

If you have not been keeping up with changes in your particular market, especially when it comes to marketing on the Internet, you could be giving advice that does not work.

Last year’s advice is simply not going to work when you are doing Internet marketing, especially where the search engines are concerned.

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Now let’s continue with those remaining items …

Unproven Ideas

The ideas that you present should be at least tested by you, and have shown some promise or positive results. If you don’t do this, you could tell people to do things, and if you are not even able to make them work, how the world will they be able to.

They will take the failures that they achieve with your business personally, and also blame you. This could make you start losing your clients, which is exactly what you want to avoid.

One-On-One Coaching

One other thing that you should avoid is one-on-one coaching.

Unless you are being paid five figures from one person, this is something that you should never do for a smaller amount.

Your time is valuable, as is your expertise, and by offering one-on-one coaching for the people that are part of your group, you could again find yourself without having any time to spend with your family, or even any personal time to relax.

So always avoid this type of service unless it is with one person only.

Make It Sound Too Easy

easyAnother business model that you should avoid is presenting your coaching as something that will make it so easy to start earning money.

You must advise people that what you are teaching has worked for you, but may not work for them and they need to be aware of that.

If you present yourself as being infallible, specifically in regard to your business model and its ability to make money, when they don’t make money, they could take this as a sign that your information does not work, and your paying subscribers will go the other way.

All of this information should show you the type of aspects to avoid when you are creating a business model for your company.

You always want to be honest, present tested strategies, ones that still work today.

Once you are able to eliminate the five aforementioned aspects of a business model for your coaching company, you will definitely keep more people, and move forward, having much more free time to yourself.

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